Good Laboratory Practice is the cornerstone of good science. Adherence to GLP principles sets your study above reproach or doubt. Maintaining high standards of adherence is essential to acquiring the necessary data to support your new drug application in the most efficient time frame possible.


Jeff Yuen and Associates offers GLP auditing services for preclinical safety studies, viral clearance studies and more.

Audit Programs

Our team can work effectively to support or act in place of your internal quality and regulatory department to perform a variety of audits including:

  • CRO audits
  • Documentation audits including review of protocols, raw data, and reports
  • In-process inspections/study oversight
  • Facility audits

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Good Laboratory Practice presents any company with a wide range of challenges. They often prove distracting at best, and overwhelming at worst to the men and women implementing them in the laboratory. These ever evolving guidelines can prove a complex warren of delays. With training, the right path can be taken the first time. This can take the pressure off employees who can confidently produce data that he or she knows in compliant and correct.

At any stage or scale, we can help educate and facilitate you to be as productive as possible. With years of experience with FDA oversight of laboratory studies, Jeff Yuen & Associates can assist you.

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