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Gary Brennan



Monique Mendoza


Our Team: Team Members

Our Team of Associates

JYA is unique in that it's team is comprised of a healthy balance between former regulators and industry experts serving the pharma, biotech and medical device industries.  Our team members are selected by JYA based on their known distinction, regulatory agency and/or industry experience.    

Key team members have worked for FDA as National Experts, Level 3 Drug Specialists, PAI Managers, Drug Team Leads, Foreign Inspection Cadre Members, CSOs and SCSOs, Compliance Officers, CDER Review Microbiologists and Chemists.  Our equally impressive industry experts have taught FDA courses, specialized in Data Integrity Verification Audits and Assessments, worked as CEOs, Heads of Quality, Quality Control (Chemistry and Microbiology), Validation, hosted successful regulatory inspections, and worked on major regulatory and compliance remediation projects.  

David Browne

Tammy Lucik

Griet Atkins

Tom Savage (FDA)

Phil Lindeman (FDA)

Ken Muhvich (FDA)

Ruth Wolff (FDA)

Mihaly Ligmund (FDA)

Terri Dodds (FDA)

George Flynn (FDA)

Julie Roberts

Our Team: Team Members
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